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Karla Moreno

Profesor Verificado


Spanish Native, English C2, Portuguese B1, French A1


One time, 30 minutes

30 min

Sobre mí

Hola, I'm Karla! A seasoned Spanish maestra from Mexico, I've dedicated over a decade to making Español a second language for many around the globe. Wanna chit-chat with coworkers en Español or live la vida loca in a Spanish-speaking 'hood? I gotchu! Whether it's fluency you're after or simply a zest for Latin culture, my classes are tailored for you. Dive into real-life scenarios and learn how to use Español as naturally as saying "¡Hola, qué tal!" Master key vocab, idiomatic expressions, and local sayings that'll have you sounding like a native in no time. Ready to embrace the Spanish lifestyle while learning from a true Mexicana? Let's get you on the road to language success. Click to schedule your personalized class and let's catch up pronto. Nos vemos!


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